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Are You Aware that Not All Thermography is the Same?


Are You Aware that Not All Thermography is the Same?


Thermal Images


Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Many thermographers provide to you only color images and less detail in their images, which means they can miss early warning signs or

cancer. The earlier the detection, the better the prospects of intervention. Whether you want to detect cancer early or prevent it, we have the tests and tools you're

looking for.


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Advanced Thermography CTA

What is Advanced Thermography:

Completely safe and painless, requiring no radiation or body contact, Advanced Thermography attempts to identify potential warning signs and risk factors in the breasts and body early enough to intervene and support prevention.

All thermographers support early detection: at the Thermogram Center we employ high-resolution cameras enabling earlier detection with images in color and B&W, for the greatest level of detail.


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Supporting Earlier Detection and Prevention:

For breast clients, our unique Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging assesses each breast's cancer risk with a Thermobiological Risk Rating - a simple number you can use to monitor your level of risk over time.

For clients seeking prevention, we show you potential risk factors in your images, educate you on likely causes, and provide action steps, tools and resources for a healthier tomorrow.


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Celebrate Success:

Men and women report that they obtain a greater sense of power and control over the destiny of their health with our services.

Whether you have concerns for potential life-threatening conditions like cancer or tooth socket infection, or want to learn more about your unique risk factors and strategies to manage them, we have the tests and tools you're looking for... and many success stories to share.


Concern For Cancer... or Tooth Infections?

BREASTS: Our unique Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging assesses each breast's cancer risk with a Thermobiological Risk Rating - a simple number you can use to monitor your level of risk over time. If you want to reduce your rating - we have the tools to help you. LEARN MORE

TEETH: The most common potentially life-threatening finding we see is not cancer - it's tooth socket infection. While common, they are silent killers that may be revealed thermally. LEARN MORE

“I wish I knew about your services before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At my apointment I saw my tooth infection draining lymphatically into the chest wall where I used to have a breast. If I had only known soon enough...”,

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