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Advanced Thermography Supports Detection

       ... Personalized Education Supports Prevention

OURS: (The same client, before/after 6 months of risk factor management:)        THEIRS: (Other Colorado thermographers)        



Lesser-detailed imagers can miss potential risk factors... or cancer!


Early Detection Saves Lives... But Prevention is What Women Want!

We provide imaging and personalized education to teach you strategies to reduce the risk factors in your life, supporting prevention.



For breast clients, the session addresses: What can I do to reduce my inflammation and breast cancer risk?

    Approximately 90% of our first-time clients have thermal findings/breast inflammation and don't know it... let alone what to do about it.

     Approximately 80% of these clients see improving findings/inflammation and subsequent risk reduction at their next imaging session!



                                    Before...                                                                             and After...


             Thermobiological Risk Ratings: Right TH 2, Left TH 3                                             Thermobiological Risk Ratings: Right TH 2, Left TH 2

                                Hormonal Grade: 3                                                                                             Hormonal Grade: 1

For more information on this client's case, please click on the "Understanding Estrogen Stimulation and Hormonal Grades" tab at left.



Here's how sensitive our technology is... it can often discern contact

lens wearers, when one lens is thicker (and cooler) than the other:


The cooler eye/lens is the left eye, on the right side of the image.


Since 2002, the Thermogram Center, now the Breast Health & Preventive Education Center, has imaged clients from 44 states and 9 countries.

The mission of the Thermogram Center is to empower clients and their health providers with thermobiological information on (breast) health to make more informed decisions about the need for further evaluation and/or intervention efforts. The Founder of (TTC) also founded the Breast Health Education Group, authors of, "Better Breast Health - for Life!TM", dedicated to educating the public about the risk factors that contribute to breast cancer and strategies to manage/reduce them.

The Breast Health & Preventive Education Center:

  • strives to provide the highest level of quality and service possible as a Risk Assessing Thermal Imager

    • with advanced technology; strict, standardized protocols; certified and experienced service providers; a comfortable imaging environment; and comprehensive "direct-to-client" services and reporting

    • with camera and software FDA-approved for medical application (K numbers under the "About Us" tab) capturing images with 307,200 temperature readings to 0.05C sensitivity and 0.69mrad spatial resolution in a split-second (you receive your images in black & white and in color)

  • employs a Board Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician in her 14th year of service to acquire your images

  • uses a U.S. based Board Certified Clinical Breast Thermologist with 30+ years of interpretive experience to analyze your images and provide reporting complete with easy-to-understand explanation sheets and follow-up recommendations

    • Unlike some imaging offices, you receive your reports and images.

    • Also, some imaging offices request that you return for re-examination in 90 days. RATI recommends re-examination based on your thermobiological risk ratings. Only high/highest risk clients are recommended for re-examination in 90 days. For more information, please visit "Understanding Thermobiological Risk"

  • provides advanced thermography in the form of Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging (RATI)

    • Unlike thermography, RATI provides a Thermobiological Risk Rating for each breast as a measure of  risk for developing cancer now/in the near future, along with a Hormonal Grade for the breasts. For more information, please visit "Understanding Estrogen Stimulation and Hormonal Grades"

    • When risk factors are suspected, i.e. lymphatic congestion, excess estrogen stimulation, systemic inflammation, etc. they become the focus of the educational review and individualized risk factors consultation at the imaging appointment, to support prevention

    • Our goal is to empower clients with:

      • thermobiological information to make more informed decisions about the need for further evaluation and/or intervention efforts,

      • prevention education about the risk factors that contribute to breast cancer/health issues and strategies to manage/reduce them, and

      • Community Resource Sheets listing local health professionals to support their efforts.

Wherever you go for services, it is in your best interest to expect Thermobiological Risk Ratings and images in color and in black & white - at a minimum. Our interpretive report also includes a Hormonal grade.

The Thermogram Center is using this website to raise national awareness about the important technology of RATI and its potential benefits, particularly for women seeking breast health information and risk assessment with 100% safe breast imaging.  It's not just "thermography"! It's Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging, an advanced form of thermography. Ask for it by name!

Did you know...

  • that thermography has been used in medicine since the 1950s?

  •  that the Egyptians and even Hippocrates studied skin surface temperatures as a predictor of disease?

  •  that Medicare covered thermogram costs until 1992?

  •  that yesterday's thermography is today's thermal imaging and 100% digital?

  • that the Thermogram Center promotes Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging (RATI) instead of thermography?

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The Thermogram Center, Inc. is not a treatment or diagnosing center. Please consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner when seeking medical advice.

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