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Preventive Support

Preventive Education at The Thermogram Center

Preventive Education at The Thermogram Center

What good is a test if you don’t understand its findings and what to do to improve things?

We don’t leave you in the dark or fill you with fear… We enlighten you with information, empower you with education, resources and tools, inspire you with the success of those who have gone before you, and motivate you with positive expectations.

Our goal is to empower clients and their health providers with thermobiological information on (breast) health to make more informed decisions about the need for further evaluation and/or intervention efforts. Based on information from "Better Breast Health - for Life!™", we are also dedicated to educating you about the risk factors that contribute to breast cancer and strategies to manage/reduce them.

For those who choose image reviews and/or risk factor management consultations, we provide:

An Informational Video:

This comprehensive educational YouTube video can be watched in the convenience of your home before your appointment. Because Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging is less understood by the public than technologies like mammography and ultrasound, you will find this introductory education helpful. Its purpose is to provide a basic understanding of how Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging works, what the interpretive doctor looks for, and how thermobiological findings and healthful information can be helpful to you, your loved ones and your health providers.


Each provides an opportunity to discuss potential risk revealed in your images and/or other sources and risk factor management strategies supporting intervention and/or prevention. This discussion will be documented on your individualized “Actions Checklist,” your homework assignment of sorts. Take-home summaries, supportive handouts, health professional referrals, on-line resources, and measurement and monitoring tools are also included in this session.

Better Breast Health for LifeAt each breast session, the self-help, breast health education book, "Better Breast Health - for Life!"™ is available for review and purchase at a 20% discount. This book is an empowering self-help book, enabling readers to identify and prioritize the risk factors in their lives. The book offers details, background, and research on each risk factor, along with strategies to reduce their impact. Its conceptually represents the foundation of our prevention education work with clients.


Each session…

Each session, then, is an opportunity to customize further evaluation needs and/or risk factor management strategies based on your thermal images. When the worst-case scenario is potentially present, we facilitate further evaluation and diagnosis with recommended health providers. Over time, we hope to support improvement and prevention by “peeling back the layers of the onion,” removing inflammation and risk by proactively addressing your unique causal factors.

Four Steps to a Healthier Tomorrow:

Learn the Risks

Manage Your Risks

Measure, Monitor & Adjust

Celebrate Success